Nintendo conference - LIVE

3DS, Zelda and more unveiled from 5PM BST

Right. The gaming excitement continues this afternoon, as Nintendo swings open the doors for its E3 presser in Los Angeles, where all manner of Wii and DS-shaped megatons are due to bombard our web servers.

What can you expect? Well first looks at 3DS and Zelda Wii are a cert, while Retro Studios' Donkey Kong remake and a brand new Animal Crossing are also tipped.


Our editor Tim is on the ground, and will be tapping a keyboard from 5PM BST this afternoon. Check back here for the live blog and stay tuned to CVG for all the headlines, media opinion and live streams we can get our hands on...

Howdy CVG dudes and dudettes, it's Tim here. It's 8.30am in sun-drenched California - but you won't find me slurping an iced beverage on Malibu Beach. No, I'm in a dark room with lots of sweaty, shouty males in Donkey Kong T-shirts. It's Nintendo time.

My venue is the Nokia Theatre, LA. In the VIP seats, natch. It's a much more relaxed affair that Microsoft's intense kerfuffle yesterday. Big white Nintendo logo on stage, with a pretty cool rolling questions screen. My favourite so far: What was Kirby's original colour? Well?

Sat next to a dude from the New York Times. He looks expectant. We all do.

More questions from Nintendo's time-killing quiz: Which game was the first to incorporate MotionPlus tech?

Grand Slam Tennis, apparently.

Next one. In Twilight Princess, who is referred to as King Of The Shadows?

It's Zant.

Kirby answer was 'white', fact fans.

There's a LOT of Capcom questions. I don't what we can take from that.

What are you lot looking forward to. I am literally quivering in my seat over 3DS. If it's a nonsense gimmick, I'll be gutted. But it could be a bloody revolution.

What were the first two versions of Pokemon, released in Japan in 1996?

It's Red and Green.

A few minutes to kick off, folks - though Nintendo will no doubt make us wait. Japanese press to my left quiet, tapping away, concentrated. US press fevered, agitated. Loud. Too bloody loud.

Question screen is now a white Nintendo logo. That's two big white Nintendo logos on stage. And two more either side. Things appear to be happening. But no-one knows quite what just yet.


Stage setup very similar to previous Nintendo E3s. Whether or not that means we'll get Cammie NO! Dunaway NO! is not apparent.

BOOM! Reggie's in the house. Swaggering, confident - very hard man to dislike. A world away from MS's Don.

A week about games, "motion control... and no controller at all". Nice.

'Technology is just a tool... what matters is the experience'. First round, Reggie throws a belter of a punch. Lands squarely on Mr Matrick's chin.

It's bloody Zelda: Skyward Sword. That's the name.

Miyamoto wants to create a Zelda game that allows you to use your sword and shield freely. MotionPlus support.

Nunchuck for shield. Wiimote for sword. Sounds like there'll be plenty of combat.

Miyamoto not here? Talking on a screen to a man called Bill.

Bugger that! He's just bounded on stage. "I think I'll explain the game myself." In ENGLISH.

You can swing sword at any angle. Pressing Z targets in front of you.

I just want to run on stage and cuddle him. They may shoot me. It'd be worth it.

Have to cut enemies in the direction their mouths are open.

You want hardcore? Even Miyamoto is finding it tough!

"Now the real fight begins." Rocks being fired at him. Using a 'shield bash' to combat.

Loads of combat. Now fighting sword to sword.

When in battle, you can use the A button to jump. When you're not, it makes you run.

You can run up cliffs and walls.

B button for item select. Link has a whip! Nothing kinky, we're sure.

There's a slingshot. Miyamoto is using it to take out spiders - similar stuff to Twilight Princess. Except he's finding it difficult. Could that be nerves?

He's dropping bombs now. Picking up a crossbow. Not working very well. Wireless devices to blame, apparently. Not me, chief.

Wow, that was embarrassing for Nintendo. Crossbow going all over the place. Miyamoto 'pulled a Jobs' on the wireless. We thought it was a joke. It wasn't.

You can fire out a beetle, too. Interferance messes with that, too.

Miyamoto's got the whip out. It's good. Chuckles raised. Consider bacon saved. If this was Cammie, we may have been less forgiving...

Miyamoto apologises for tech difficulties. Promises no problems on show floor. We believe you, Shigsy.

It's coming next year.

Gameplay trailer. Giant scorpion, skeletons and more. Awesome.

'Just the topline', promises Reggie.

"New experiences for everyone." GAh. Please don't go Microsoft on us.

Sports games - either ultra realistic or arcade fun. Pro Evo gets a nod.

NBA Jam's going to be playable on show floor.

New Mario game...! Sports, though.

Donkey Kong, PRincess Peach, Yoshi involved. Ice hockey, basketball, volleyball.

It's called Mario Sports Mix. Have that, Kinect Sports, says Reggie's face.

"Pure fun," reckons Reg.

Another for next year.

He's showing off about numbers. Kicking back against people that say casual types don't play games.

Mario Kart over 22 million sales New Super Mario Bros over 14 million.

New game coming...

It's Wii Party and the logo's pink. I'm saying nothing. All about Miis and ponies and stuff.

Oh dear. We're into Just Dance territory. A Ubisoft logo. Fingernails going into seat a bit now folks.

Yep, it's Just Dance 2. It has a mode called Just Sweat. That's rough. Music is "When I grow up". Quite.

This is more like it. Golden Sun.

It's called Dark Dawn. DS title. Coming this Holiday. Christmas. Don't worry about it, Reg. I'll be playing Just Sweat.

It's GoldenEye. Coming November.

Yes, it's inexplicably got Daniel Craig in it. Yes, it's made by Activision. Yes, it's almost a pointles remake. But by God, I need to play this game

Biggest cheer of the morning so far. And not just for nostalgia.

We're onto Epic Mickey now. Another good 'un.

Warren Spector. His beard is very tidy. His cargo trousers, less so.

It's in Wasteland. Talking to Peter Pan character Smee. Its looks very cool. Nervous the WiFi is messing with the Wii again though.

They can use paint and paint thinner. They're two key mechanics.

The paint makes the world less dark, less spooky. Pretty adult for a Wii Mickey Mouse game.

Modes that see Mickey in a 2D sidescrolling platforming - but in classic Disney cartoons. You're 'in' the show. That is properly awesome.

Kirby's BACK.

It's called Kirby's Epic Yarn. Transparent characters made of wool in 2D platformer. Bizarre, but very cool art style. Think it's Wii.

Giant Kirby on tank rollers in one part. Firing missiles. Your read that right.

It's Wii. Out in the autumn.

Dragon Quest IX now. Three person multiplayer over WiFi. July 11 in US.

We're onto Metroid Other M. "A signature moment with an old friend," reckons big Reg.

"Sense of isolation and exploration hasn't been lost."

In stores on August 31st. Think we already knew that.

Hang on. Retro Studios is back.


Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii this Holiday. It looks brilliant. 2D platformer. Giant octopus, dusky red & black level, sidekicks all involved.

3DS gets a logo. It's the DS logo. With a big red 3 in it.

Massive attack on Sony now. "It's the glasses. That sort of fashion statement doesn't come cheap."

"No-one said it would be easy. Except Nintendo. And best of all, no glasses." Reggie is ON ONE.

Software on day one promised. IT's kicking right off.

Heavy rock's playing at a bloody Nintendo conference.

Iwata is a rock'n'roll star today, peeps. Menacing red backdrop.

Sorry there, folks. Lost connect. 3G Network probablt went mental because 3DS HAS JUST BEEN REVEALED.

Quick capsule review: It's the most exciting idea I've seen at E3 for years.

3.5 inch screen. But massive screen mock ups you may have seen online are b*llocks.

It's got a slider for 3D depth.

It's got an analogue stick.

3D movies coming to it from Disney, Warner and more.

Kid Icarus game coming out.

You can take pics via two camera and see them in 3D.

"Much bigger sense of height, depth and width in gaming worlds."

A 3D trailer will be visible on the E3 show floor.

My God, this is mouth-watering.

Other details, it's in blue and black. One touch screen at the bottom. 3.5 inch screen is at top.

WiFi 3DS systems talk to each other. "The hardware itself supports automatic communication regardless of software," says Iwata.

Logo is Ds logo with a big red '3' in it. Simple. Classy. Nintendo is owning E3 right now. Sony must be bricking it.

"Biggest console launch support ever from third-parties," says Iwata.

Miyamoto making Nintendogs and Cats.

EA, Activision, Capcom, Konami, making games.

DJ Hero 3D.

Level 5.

THQ Saints Row in 3D.


Resident Evil Revelations! 3D Resident evil!


Vicarious Visions, Kojima, Inafune, Ubisoft, Team Ninja, Level 5 all using it.

"I'm experimenting with Metal Gear Solid," says Kojima.

Fully original Resident Evil.

The analogue controller now getting praise.

The room is stunned. Nintendo has fulfilled the hardcore whilst offering something to the casual. They've got their swagger back; Reggie in particular seems like a man in control.

This isn't a Nintendo apologising for itself or its strategy anymore. It's back at the top of it's game - and I'm afriad it's blown Microsoft away.

"Let's see how this works," says Reg.

Iwata just got sucked into a 3DS. Miyamoto's about to suffer the same fate. Reggie's in there with Bowser.

"That sure felt real to me." Reg is in comedy 'battered suit'.

**** *** **** *** ****

That was me censoring myself. Nintendo is sending out (conservatively dressed) booth babes into the crowd. Like, over a hundred of them. Holding 3DS hardware.

Reggie must feel like he has the biggest genitals in Los Angeles right now.

We're stunned. This better bloody work.

Signing off. I'm going to kill puppies to get hands on with this. Stay tuned.