What's in Nintendo's conference?

3DS and Zelda Wii could well be with us at 5PM BST...

Nintendo's press conference is just moments away so we've given you our thoughts on what we're most looking forward to. With the Kinect looking very, shall we say, familiar, it'll be interesting to see what's coming for Wii that will see it pull away from the crowd yet again. Of course, there's the 3DS. How well will it work? Does it really have graphics comparable to PS3 and 360? All the answers will flow in from 5pm. Read our predictions for the presentation below and check back later to see if we got it right.


Oh my goodness! We can barely take it. With everything we've already heard about the Nindendo 3DS it is quickly becoming our announcement of E3. 3D (obviously), graphics as good as the HD consoles and all this without the need for glasses. Here's to not looking like a complete twerp on the bus on the way back from the shops on launch day.

Komodo's RapidShot:
Violent game haters look away now...Komodo's RapidShot is the first videogame peripheral to carry an age restriction. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that it's being revealed at E3 under the Wii banner. That said it's not like Nintendo are short of action games with MadWorld, No More Heroes and Modern Warfare 2: Reflex on their books. What ever the critics may say, we're looking forward to the RapidShot reigniting dusty memories of Duck Hunt on the original NES.

Legend of Zelda Wii:
Lots of publications are already throwing their money at this being the biggest single game announcement of this summer's E3. With so little known about it, we're close to agreeing with them. Legend of Zelda on the Wii is set to be the biggest release the Nintendo has ever had with only Super Mario Galaxy 2 challenging it for the crown. We've been told to expect big things from E3. Well we won't exactly be setting our expectations very low now will we?

Metroid: The Other M:
The Metroid showcase at E3, if there's going to be one, could give the audience a bit of a headache. Promising, 2D, 3D, and, first and third person perspectives it already sounds like a game that's going to have a lot going on onscreen. Considering the sci-fi action-adventure's legacy and the screenshots we've already seen so far we're sure it'll be about as far away from being a pain and much more of a pleasure to play. We're especially excited about having a go on the ball rolling puzzle areas of the game. That and all the space age shooting practise.

NBA Jam:
After EA released its E3 line-up it dawned on us just how much we're itching to get our hands on NBA Jam. Confirmed at the beginning of the year and not expected until October time at the earliest, this remake of the classic 1993 is looking so good...it's on fire! Sorry. But really, we're excited. Nintendo may have just pulled off a coup by securing it as an exclusive too.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
As a special trailer was released just days before E3 we got the feeling Nintendo is trying to get the hype machine turning for its new Final Fantasy instalment on the DS. The 4 Heroes of Light is going to have a simpler control system and will see a return to turn based battles after the FFXIII. The DS may only be a little machine but it's certainly cranking up the excitement levels for next week. Will this be available on the 3DS? We can only wait and see.

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