Pachter: GoldenEye would 'do better on 360'

Analyst thinks a Wii exclusive is uncharacteristic of Activision

Activision's GoldenEye Wii remake would do better on Xbox 360 believes respected industry analyst, Michael Pachter.

Speaking to CVG, the Wedbush analyst argued that a GoldenEye game on Xbox 360 by Rare would have a "better chance" than the Eurocom-developed Nintendo game.

"It's a funny thought to resurrect a 10 year-old brand - maybe longer - and keep it a Nintendo exclusive," Pachter told CVG.

"It is unlike Activision to do an exclusive, and I am particularly surprised that they would do it with Goldeneye."

He added: "I completely agree that most of the original audience is pretty hardcore, and think a Rare game on the 360 would have a better chance. Perhaps this is all due to the James Bond license, but... a Wii exclusive is odd."

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