Opinion: Sony do E3 to laughter

What we make of the final platform conference at this year's expo

The last of the big platform conferences at E3 2010 today saw Sony step up to the plate in LA.

As soon as the show began we had a feeling that it was going to be something special.

After a short while we were proved right as the technology giant opened with an almighty brag about it's coming 3D features and games that will support the visual advancement in the games industry.

The opening 3D trailers for Killzone 3 and other titles were the precursor for the next big step in PlayStation. The team got straight down to some Move announcements immediately after.

Sony's motion controller already looks the fricking shizzle! While Kinect has a foundation of very few core games, the Move has Sorcery (a wand waving HD battler from Hogwarts and/or Middle Earth), sports games like Tiger Woods and a PlayStation Move exclusive called Heroes on the Move starring Ratchet, Daxter, Sly and others. Now where were those core titles from Microsoft?

The PSP then slid under the spotlight in an equally big way with the focus firmly on the new God of War game, Ghost of Sparta.

While the console wasn't getting any 3D makeovers, Sony definitely wanted to let everyone know that the PSP's short but strong legacy of bringing hardcore games to the hands of hardcore gamers on the move was still of paramount importance to them.

PlayStation's very own Mario and Sonic, Sackboy, then took the limelight. We thought the first LittleBigPlanet was an ambitious project but LBP2 looks like it's going to be a huge title. Not only will it have the expected campaign but a shed load of mini-games that will help the players as level creators as well.

PlayStation Plus, the brand new premium subscription service to PSN is designed as an additional service to PSN. While this doesn't excite us in the slightest (we're just happy in the knowledge that our PSN membership will remain free) it will include everything from hardware patches, software updates, exclusive PlayStation gaming content and extra treats like music and movie content.

EA got it's own time on the PlayStation stage and first up was Medal of Honor. They unveiled a brand new character called Deuce in a box fresh trailer that stuck the soldier in modern Afghanistan and on a quad bike which looked a lot like the snowmobile action in Modern Warfare 2.

Dead Space 2 also got primetime coverage and deservedly so. The live demo looked as cinematic as anything we've seen. It's almost like the dark, horrible equivilent to Uncharted 2.

Then before Jack Tretton could finish could his link, GLaDOS interrupted and delivered the surprise Valve announcement everyone has been expecting this week. That being Portal 2's arrival on the PS3.

The normally outspoken Gabe Newell from Valve let everyone meet his new baby, Portal 2 with an exclusive first look. The first time anywhere.

Then came some very expected announcements with some very PlayStation twists.

Assassin's Creed 2: Brotherhood took centre stage with the declaration that the multiplayer beta will appear on the PS3 exclusively.

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