Zelda Skyward Sword story secrets revealed

Eiji Aonuma talks Master Sword, art style and more

Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma has told us some big secrets about the story of Zelda Skyward Sword at E3 today.

He revealed that the Master Sword - integral to the Zelda canon - is, in fact, the same as the Skyward Sword.

The titular weapon grows to become the Master Sword throughout the game.

"The final scene of our E3 trailer saw Link diving off a cliff into clouds - a very memorable scene," he said. "That's a very important point in the story this time around. Link is a young man who's born and raised in this floating land - Skyloft. It may sound an interesting place to live, but Link doesn't think about it like that.

"However, one day an incident reveals there is a land beneath the clouds. This other world is ruled by evil forces. It's very dangerous. But Link is forced to go into it.

"One of the driving parts of the story is that Link has to travel back and forth between Skyloft and this other land. The thing that leads Link down is the subtitle, the Skyward Sword. The mysterious figure in the artwork we released last year is the Skyward Sword. When it's leading Link or advising him it will take on this appearance.

"You've probably realised this already, but the Master Sword is very important. What exactly is it? That's something you can maybe imagine for yourselves. Actually, I'll go and tell you right out: The Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword. Sorry about that.

"Sky or skies is also very important to the game. These clouds that surround these beautiful vistas is very powerful and that's one of the reason we've implement the graphics style that we have. I really like this art style a lot. It only took one step in the approval process to get the okay from Mr Miyamoto!

"There's still some work to do, a lot of polish, and when we're finished we'll find a nice harmony between graphics and gameplay."