UFC Trainer takes on Wii Fit

THQ looks to punch fitness games IN THE FACE

THQ's confirmed UFC Trainer, a "more combative take" on the Wii Fit and Wii Sports Active-esque sports genre.

Speaking during an E3 meeting last night, the publisher revealed that the game will train you in up mixed martial arts using PlayStation Move, Kinect and yes - Wii.

THQ's not showing UFC Trainer at E3 this week because it's not quite ready yet, which goes some way in explaining the January 1, 2011 release date for the 'game'.

"The only reason we're not showing it is because we're not showing it until it is the best training game on the market - and we're on the road to that," said core games VP, Danny Bilson.

"It has all the fighters, it has the official UFC trainers in it," he confirmed.

For the record, this is either a brilliant idea or a horrible one. More soon.