3DS has game installs - Report

Multiple games can be stored on the handheld at once, claims newspaper

The Nintendo 3DS sports internal memory allowing multiple games to be stored on the handheld at once.

That's according to Japanese financial paper Nikkei, which claims that though the feature wasn't given any airtime at E3 it will allow 3DS players to copy games to internal memory.

This means that you'll be able to switch between games by selecting a title from the system's main menu, it says, so there'll be no need to swap cartridges or carry games.

Nintendo unveiled the 3DS on Tuesday. It sports a 3.5 inch widescreen above a regular, DS Lite-sized touch screen, four face buttons, a D-Pad and a real analogue stick.

The 3DS is also capable of displaying 3D movies and taking 3D photos.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]