Zelda: 'Art overhaul' delayed release - Aonuma

Skyward Sword dev explains 2011 release date

Zelda Skyward Sword would be in our hands right now if Elji Aonuma hadn't been told to re-do the art style, the dev believes.

When Zelda Wii was announced at E3 last year. The artwork featured a more 'realistic-looking' Link, which Skyward Sword clearly doesn't.

Big graphical changes to the game are the main reason for the 2011 release date according to Aonuma:

"If I hadn't been told we had to re-do the art style then the game would already be done," Aonuma told ONM.

"That being said we think there's a great relationship between the graphics and the gameplay. I think we will achieve a really great balance."

Miyamoto believes that the result will be worth the wait. "I think the art style is very unique," he told ONM at the roundtable discussion.

"I am a big fan of impressionism and the sky and the land in the demo for E3 have a definite Cezanne feel to them."

Yesterday Miyamoto said that Skyward Sword could technically still be released this year since the gameplay is "almost complete".

Nintendo have decided to wait until next year, however to ensure they had enough time to polish it to perfection.