Epic makes 3D Gears Of War 2

We've seen it. It's mega. But retail release not planned

CVG has just been given a world first glimpse at Gears Of War 2 running in full 3D by Epic Games - and it looks amazing.

Sadly for us (and you) the studio is just using the title as a tech demo for what its Unreal Engine can do when combined with Trioviz technology.

That's the same stuff that powered the Game Of The Year 3D version of Batman: Arkham Asylum earlier this year.

We witnessed a scene where Dom trundled into a gully in the game on top of a heavy duty truck, with Locust firing either side of him.

Although the experience was effectively layered 2D, it was darn sophisticated - and Epic's experience with creating immersion shone through. In one particularly impressive moment, an enemy sprayed blood 'through' the screen as we peppered him with bullets.

"This technology's great because it works on normal HD TVs, as well as the very high end 3DTVs," Epic's Mark Rein told us. "We're not planning to re-release this in 3D - unless Microsoft want us to - but I'm sure it's technology our partners [that use Unreal Engine] may be keen to put in [special edition re-releases] of their games."

Oh, and because you're bound to ask... the demo we saw at E3 today was running on an Xbox 360.