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MS 'f***ed up with E3 conference' - UPDATE

UPDATE: 'Eden producer clarifies "quotes"

Microsoft "f***ed up big time" not showing one of the few 'core' Kinect games, Child of Eden at its E3 press conference, the game's producer has said.

UPDATE: Mielke has since contacted CVG to tell us he "did not volunteer any such quotes". UPDATE ENDS

Speaking to journo Stephen Webster at E3, producer James Mielke said Microsoft had the opportunity to showcase the Tetsuya Mizuguchi game at its press conference, but opted for Wii-like 'casual' games instead.

"Yeah, Microsoft fucked up big time," he said. "They had a chance to feature it for Kinect but decided to focus on family-friendly games like what's on Wii.

"They weren't expecting everyone to react so negatively," he added. "After we showed off our game at UbiSoft, the Microsoft people came to our booth like, 'Oh, oh wow.'"

During the show, adds Mielke, even Shigeru Miyamoto visited the Child of Eden stand for a demonstration from creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

According to Mielke, the legendary Zelda and Mario creator called Eden "game of the show." We're bloody excited, for a start. It's REZ TWO.

See it in action via the Child of Eden trailer.

[ SOURCE: True Slant ]