PS Move: Ball is 'crucial', Sony says

Why does that ball change colour so much? Sony explains...

PlayStation Move's colourful light "ball" is "crucial" for making the device work, Sony's told CVG.

Speaking to CVG's hitman at E3, EyeToy creator and SCE senior researcher, Richard Marks revealed some of the sorcery that goes on inside the PlayStation Move to make it so accurate.

It's all about the ball, apparently: "It's really, really crucial," Marks said. "It's crucial for many reasons because it's like a marker. We know exactly where it is. It's a light so it's really easy to find it and it can change colour."

Marks explained that the reason the device changes colour so often is so that it stands out from everything in your surrounding area. "So for example if you happen to have a bright pink wall behind you it'll change colour so it can be tracked better," he explained.

Clever stuff. "But how does it know?" we hear you type. "The PlayStation Eye looks at all the pixels," Marks continues. "It says 'Oh, there's a bunch of magenta pixels - don't use that colour, use a different one', and it picks a colour that won't conflict.

"We have full control over the light - there are 360 different hues it can track."

So there you have it, another piece in the magical mystery that is complete one-to-one movement.

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