Sony: Nintendo 3DS-style tech is inaccurate

Kaz Hirai says 'naked eye' 3D is imprecise

Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide boss Kaz Hirai has claimed that the sort of technology used in Nintendo's 3DS is imprecise.

Speaking to Sankei Biz in Japan, Hirai said that based on Sony's own research, "naked eye 3D for portables" does "not have high precision".

However, Hirai was careful not to comment on the 3DS itself - which he said he had not seen.

He was unsurprisingly a little more positive about Sony's stereoscopic 3D push.

"With such things as a strengthened 3D-compatible software lineup, we aim to increase hardware sales," said Hirai of the console.

We can't say that we share Hirai's pessimism over 'naked eye 3D technology - as our Nintendo 3DS review shows.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]