FIFA 11 can have 'infinite player models' - EA

Producer talks more about Personality +

FIFA 11 could be the most authentic football sim to date thanks to new systems, which create a multiptude of players models and subtle personality traits.

We brought you details on FIFA 11's new Personality + system earlier this month.

It's largely based around on-pitch attributes: Wayne Rooney will hold off defenders and strike shots from distance with pace, for example.

But in a new Q&A, FIFA 11 line producer David Rutter gives a bit more detail about how players will show unique characteristics.

"We've done a lot of work on our player models this year as part of Personality +. We've added nine base geometries and a few special cases this year for the player models" he says.

"We generate pretty much an infinite number of player models based on those base geometries by changing the shape of the arms the legs and the player body types.

"We're able to support any kind of player model."

When asked how different the in-game abilities of the players really were this year, Rutter expanded, "It is quite significantly different."

"The overwhelming sensation when you were playing FIFA 10 was that the speed and strength of the players mattered the most."

"I used the example showing off [Campbell and Arshavin] because visually they're both very different and last year they weren't very different at all, they actually used the same kind of locomotion styles," he continued.

"This year we've actually implemented specific animations for those players and Personality + goes far far beyond just dribbling."

You can see the whole Q&A for yourself below.

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We also brought you a video showing how FIFA 11 works under the hood earlier this month.