Transformers War for Cybertron review - 83% in GamesMaster

Big and dumb... but so much fun

GamesMaster has cast its judgement over Transformers War for Cybertron - and given the robots in disguise the thumbs up.

GamesMaster summarises War for Cybertron as having "tight, satisfying shooting, some spectacular boss fights and frequently awesome visuals".

It also mentions a multiplayer which, like the game overall, doesn't break from tradition but provides some massive entertainment.

The main criticism is aimed at the narrow experience of the game as a whole.

"The cynic on our shoulder rightly points out that it is far from sophisticated," says GamesMaster.

"Put it alongside other third-person shooters like Dead Space and the lack of variety to the levels and absence of intellectual stimulation to break up the combat becomes more apparent."

Overall "It's bit but not particularly clever. But for it's ability to reignite some childhood passions Hollywood completely failed to."