The UK racing studio's Darren Jobling answers our questions...

UK development studio Eutechnyx is best known for its racing titles - including Supercar Challenge and Ferrari Challenge.

Last month, it moved up a gear - professionally speaking - with a massive £6 million investment from Amsterdam technology company Prime Technology Ventures.

The studio has promised to create a 'revolutionary racer' with the cash - something we like the sound of very much indeed.

We caught up with boss Darren Jobling to get the inside track...

What will Eutechnyx primarily use this investment for - and how will it improve you as a studio?
We intend to spend most of the investment on talent acquisition. We pride ourselves on hiring the best talent in development but we are also looking to attract marketing, community management, customer support, etc, roles not traditional to studios.


We have already begun recruitment of some big names in the industry, such as Ed Martin from EA, with more to be announced in the near future.

We also plan to invest in online infrastructure and marketing for Auto Club Revolution and other future products.

Do you believe this investment makes it likely that your next games will be picked up by major publishers?
Eutechnyx has completed games with all of the largest publishers in the industry, including Activision Blizzard, EA and Take 2.

We have a good reputation within the majors - however, this investment will allow us to further enrich our product offerings which can only help when working with the big name publishers.

We have some really exciting new projects in the pipeline, with one already having been picked up by one of the biggest publishers in the industry.

With the extra cash in the bank, how does Eutechnyx now compare with the likes of Codemasters and EA in the racing genre?
EA and Codemasters have both had fantastic success with various racing titles, but so has Eutechnyx - we have one of the highest average unit sales of any independent developer.

The investment we have now secured will serve us well as we look to bring to market some highly innovative titles.

Our main strength is our independence - it gives us the freedom to try different projects and not be focussed on any one particular game. I think some internal studios become known for one specific title and are left developing variations on that game year after year. Being independent means we don't necessarily have to follow that repetition business model.


Are you working on any 3D gaming in racing - and how can this investment help with that?
Eutechnyx is always working on innovative ways to use current and future technology in partnership with the hardware manufacturers, and racing games gain a great deal from the use of applied 3D.

3D is just one of the areas of R&D that will benefit from the Prime Technology Ventures/North Star investment.

Do you think the racing genre can lead the brave new world of 3D?
I certainly don't see any reasons why the racing genre couldn't lead the way. 3D technology adds a lot of depth and enriches the driving experience. Corners and braking distances are easier to judge in 3D and the car's cockpit becomes a much more engaging experience.

Is the tech available for 3D to break through this generation?
We have seen the technology used already, but it's still a relatively new experience with not many households capable of running 3D games. Over the next couple of years I think we will see some major technology advances that should take 3D gaming into the mass market.

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