Sainsbury's cuts DSi to £99.99

3DS here we come...

Sainsbury's, seller of groceries and under-cutter of video game prices, has reduced the Nintendo DSi to £99.99 from £139.99.

Advertised in national newspapers this morning, this is the first of probably many cuts to the DSi in the lead up to the lovely new 3DS.

At this point is still only offering the pink DSi for £149.99 but has a history of reacting to price cuts quickly, so expect it to reduce to an equally competitive price soon.

Nintendo recently confirmed it will cut the trade prices of the DS Lite and the DSi from June 18 to coincide with the unveiling of the 3DS. However, it didn't provide an SRP - and said it was ultimately for the retailers to decide.

With Nintendo cutting prices of the DSi maybe there may be something to the rumours that Nintendo plan to release the 3DS by Christmas.