Gran Turismo 5 won't eat F1 2010 sales - Codemasters

"Our consumers won't want to buy another racing game"

Codemasters has told CVG that it is confident Sony's Gran Turismo 5 won't steal consumers away from its own F1 2010.

The firm's Formula One game is due for release on 360, PC and PS3 on September 24 - two months before Polyphony Digital's GT5 arrives on Sony's platform.

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens told CVG that F1 2010 had "sex appeal" for fans of motor racing games - and that it could hold its own against Sony's giant.

"F1 2010 is much more than a traditional F1 racing game, so we're not going to compromise it," he said. "There's been a delay in F1 enthusiasts having a game out there on next -gen systems. We're coming in and showing what that experience can be. They will not be disappointed.

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"We expect great things of it - and I think it will exceed 1.5 to two million units in Europe. The buzz for the sport is everywhere right now."

Cousens said that F1 2010 buyers won't necessarily be interested in GT5 - or any other racer, for that matter.

"We respect Gran Turismo," he added. "We respect all of the good racing games out there, and there is clearly an advantage to having a first party or platform holder standing behind you. It would be non-nonsensical of me to suggest otherwise.

"Sony's ambitions probably far exceed the numbers I've given you. But I believe where we are in Formula One, we will attract those consumers and I'm not sure they'll want to buy any other racing game."

What about you, readers? Anyone picking up F1 2010 on day one? It looks pretty special to us.

But then again, Gran Turismo is Gran Turismo.

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