3DS to cost £140?

Dutch retailer prices and dates Nintendo's handheld

There seems to have been more hardware prices thrown round the internet this week than an antique auction hall. The latest bit of monetary speculation is for Nintendo's 3DS...

Dutch online retailer has listed the handheld at 169.95 euros. That's just over $200 dollars and nearly £140 if you convert it directly.

The site also lists the release date as March 15, 2011.

The release date certainly fits with the back and forth we've been having about a time period. Nintendo has said that the device will be worldwide by March next year. March 15 maybe?

As far as the price is concerned, we haven't had a lot of speculation on the 3DS yet - costing chaos has mostly centred around Kinect - but analyst Michael Pachter reckons Ninty could put the handheld as high as $299 and it would still sell 10 million units. $200 is nothing to Pachter.

We're not sure we can take any more numbers with currency symbols in front of them today.