Best Nintendo 3DS games

We put together a list of the top seven 3DS titles to look out for

The Nintendo 3DS is another Nintendo first, a handheld capable of bringing true 3D to the masses with no need for glasses, expensive TVs or intervening technology. Unsurprisingly, in its first major showing at this year's E3 the device took the gaming world by storm.

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Nintendo's E3 conference was dominated by our first look at the 3DS and Nintendo has already lined up a massive 75 games to support it at launch and beyond.

But with so much to choose from, which titles should you go for? Well to save you wading through 70-odd party games, we've picked out the seven most exciting titles that future Nintendo 3DS owners should look out for. Here's where to invest your pennies when the 3DS hits the shelves...


Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series is the ultimate Ninja experience; a fast paced action packed series that originally won its spurs on the NES and has become a true classic of early Nintendo gaming. The last DS outing Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword didn't compromise on the fast-paced action and featured an intuitive control scheme, so there's no reason not to assume that the 3DS version will do the same.


The Professor Layton series was so popular Nintendo was barely able to keep up with producing the cartridges. The series is known for a unique mix of story-telling and puzzle-solving, as well as a Studio Ghibli-esque visual style. It seems unlikely they'll change a winning formula for the 3DS version.

However, Layton's mind-bending puzzles are undoubtedly going to benefit from the full 3D treatment. Developer Level-5 has proven its ability to make creative, mind-bending puzzles with the current selection of Professor Layton titles, so it's not hard to imagine the level of mental-gymnastics that will be required to complete the puzzles they'll be creating in 3D.


Capcom's announcement of Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS is exciting not only because it looks like it will open up new frontiers for Resident Evil fans, but also because it promises to return to the Resi roots of old. The 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS are going to have some cool implications for combat, but it's the possible return to the puzzle-solving conundrums of the first games that is interesting. If all else fails, Capcom can always fall back on scary zombies projectile vomiting at you in 3D.


The Final Fantasy series has always enjoyed a close relationship with Nintendo and its hardware - the series' debut was on the NES - and although it has since appeared on all other formats, Final Fantasy games truly feel most at home on Nintendo consoles.

Handheld has also always been the perfect arena for RPGs, with the portability allowing you to make levelling up or doing a few extra missions at your leisure, but what extra enhancements can we expect in 3D? Well, Square-Enix games are known for their breathtaking graphics and the 3DS titles will inevitably be a visual tour de force. Will we see a brand new title or perhaps a 3D reworking of Final Fantasy 5 or 6? Perhaps the long-awaited and highly coveted Final Fantasy 7 remake will materialize on the Nintendo 3DS? That truly would be the fans' ultimate wish fulfilled.

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