FREE DualShock stick grips - only with the new issue of PSM3 on-sale TODAY!

MGS Rising leads our 56 page E3 special + FREE PS3 stick grips + dual-side DVD

The new issue of PSM3 goes on-sale today, with cover game Metal Gear Solid: Rising leading our 56 page E3 preview special, with everything you need to know about PS3 at the world's biggest game show, all in one place; pumped with new facts, screens and opinion. We'll tell you all about the games that matter, highlight a few hidden gems, and dish some tasty E3 gossip. And that's not the best bit...

... the new issue comes with FREE DualShock pad grips, for increased analogue stick grip and precision, with two designs to collect: 1) Dimpled for increased grip and 2) D-pad style, for enhanced precision. We profile them elsewhere on the site, but before you ask, here's the foolproof way to put them on, since they can be fiery little b*st*rds. Blame the tactile rubber, but once they're on, they grip like leeches. In a good way:

1) Tear open the plastic wrapper. Duh.
2) Turn the grips completely inside out, so the edges face the wrong way, and the dimpled bit is at the bottom of the 'bowl' shape.
3) Place the 'bowl' on top of the analogue sticks, align them, and pop back down the rubber edges snug over the edge of your analogue sticks.
4) That's it. Enjoy the enhanced grip.

Plus all this...
The mag's packed as ever, with highlights including:

Exclusive preview: THQ's Half-Life inspired Homefront - plus interview with Kaos Studios Dave Votypka

News: Did PS3 win E3? Heated head-to-head debate

PSM3 Opinion: Was E3 2010 a vintage year for games?

Upgrade: How to access PS3's games, films and music using your PSP

Feature: Joe Danger... and the trials of Indie Games Development - a six page feature on the PSNs indie scene, with lots of exclusive developer interviews

Reviews: Demon's Souls, Joe Danger, Green Day Rock Band, Lego Harry Potter...

Extended Play: 10 Ways to be bad and ugly in Red Dead Redemption

Plus lots, lots more.

The magazine is on-sale at all good newsagents now, but you can order it online here for the same price, and have it delivered to your door.

Have a great night. As ever, can't wait to hear what you think of the mag.


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