Twisted Metal clown in ModNation Racers

Official player a vehicle of the psychotic Sweet Tooth headed for kart racer

Sinister Twisted Metal clown man, Sweet Tooth, is on his way to an all-round more playful game in ModNation Racers.

Sony will launch an official model for Sweet Tooth and his gun-equipped truck into the cartoony kart racer this week for the pocket-money price of $1.99 - in the US at least (as the US PS Blog confirms, while the EU blog is yet to awaken from its weekend slumber). See screenshots of him on this page.

Sweet Tooth will, of course, turn up again next year in his more brutal form when the new Twisted Metal game hits PS3. We played it at E3 and you can read about the carnage we witnessed right here.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]