FIFA 11: Only '20%' of features revealed

PSM3 shares its latest hands-on thoughts with EA's footy instalment

EA has only revealed 20% of FIFA 11's new features, reckons PSM3 magazine.

Reporting on its latest hands-on with this year's instalment, the mag reveals that EA's hinted an all new tackling system could be implemented.

"Overall [FIFA 11 is] a bit slower and more considered, and very physical," it says. "EA have only revealed 20% of the new features, and [producer David] Rutter hints a new jostle/tackle system is yet to be announced."

On its hands-on time, PSM3 says: "Time on the ball felt scarce, so technique players really make a difference with one-touch passes in busy midfields

"The new Personality Plus system makes players feel more individual - true since we had more joy twisting at speed with Arshavin than Van Persie, although both were top players."

Sounds good. Among the "20%" of new features we know about are improved graphics, customisable audio, "massively" improved player AI and 'footballer personality'. Read more details here.

You can purchase the current issue of PSM3 - which includes a bumper E3 blowout - online now.