MS: Kinect CAN be played sitting down

"...when an experience is developed with sitting in mind"

Good news for lazy gamers. Microsoft has said that Kinect games CAN be played while sitting down - if the game has been designed for you to do so.

Microsoft dismisses fears that all Kinect games will have you on your feet, telling Joystiq today: "Kinect can be used while sitting when an experience is developed with sitting in mind."

Concerns stem from the current selection of Kinect games that have been show, all of which show the user standing to play them. But MS pointed to applications such as browsing the Xbox dashboard or controlling movies on the console with Kinect as "experiences where we expect people to be sitting."

MS promises that its E3 showing was "only the tip of the iceberg" and that it's "natural for Kinect games to be designed to get you off the couch: dancing, running, dodging, bending and kicking."

We just don't like the idea of a game deciding if we can sit or not. Have you ever played Wii Sports bowling seated? We have - sometimes you just don't feel like standing up. Wii can be tricked though. It seems Kinect cannot.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]