Kinect 'no different to Wii' - Square Enix

Boss Wada reiterates that he's unimpressed with E3 2010 innovation

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has claimed that Microsoft's Kinect is "no different to Wii" - in terms of the audience the platform holder is trying to attract with the device.

And the respected exec reiterated that he didn't see anything at E3 this year that he believed would push the industry forward - as that will come online.

Speaking to Venturebeat, Wada said:

"I missed Microsoft's conference. Having said that, I think that what they have focused on for Kinect is very interesting and I hope they will attract an even wider audience. I would say it is no different from just the Wii."

He added: "What's being announced are the Nintendo 3DS, the Microsoft Kinect, and the Sony Move... frankly, these are not the most essential parts of the console technology. The key parts of the console technology are Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.

"The true battle among these things is taking place very quietly. We will see the results of that battle two or three years from now. In that sense, I don't think there is anything definitive in what we are seeing at E3 this year."