FIFA 11 'next-gen' finally coming to PC

PC version to feature same gameplay and graphics as console, says Moore

The PC version of FIFA 11 will finally include the visuals and gameplay of the Xbox 360 and PS3 console versions, EA Sports boss, Peter Moore has confirmed.

Until now PC users have had to make do with dodgy PS2-era engine versions of EA's footy sim, but from this year that's all going to change, says Moore.

"You'll now be able to have the award-winning game play and graphics that were once only for consoles, optimized for your home computer," he said.

"FIFA PC users have been requesting this for some time now, and although it took two years to develop, we are finally able to deliver the next-gen game experience on PC."

The move is a massive backtrack for Moore, who just last year claimed that the physical disc PC model "simply isn't working for us," pointing to fee-to-play FIFA Online as the solution.

He said: "Along the context of making the right choices with our resources and making sure that we're delivering a return on investment for valuable employee time, I've got to find innovative ways to bring our content to life on the PC and online is the way that that's going to happen."

We can only help but wonder what kind of crazy DRM the 2011 version will include to justify the update.

[ SOURCE: EA Sports ]