Zelda Skyward Sword: Aonuma aiming for 'early 2011' release

Producer spills release date details in ONM interview

Eiji Aonuma has told ONM that Nintendo is aiming to release The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword in the early part of 2011.

Skyward Sword was widely expected to be released in 2010 but fans were left disappointed at E3 last month when Nintendo announced that it would be released until 2011. However, Aonuma's revelation means that fans shouldn't have to wait too long for Link's return.

"The basis we have now is very, very solid," Aonuma told ONM in an exclusive interview that appears in the August issue of the magazine which goes on sale today. "Early 2011 - that is what we're aiming for."

You can read the full interview with Eiji Aonuma in the August issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which is available to buy here.

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