CVG: The week's best comments

We've found some comedy, is it yours?

You made more comedy this week with your funny, funny comments. Well done; well done to you all.

You managed to find humour in every gaming thing from Oddworld to Apple to Milo (although Milo was perhaps a given).

Have a look, have a laugh, have a chat in the comments section.

Multiple new Oddworld titles confirmed

God bless everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mogel94 feels everyone had a hand in this announcement.

Epic VP can 'f**k off', roars indie dev

Its all very well whingeing about it on the internet after the fact. He should have just jumped up and sparked him out when he had the chance. Harris 'Rein's down the pain!!!! would have been a far better story.
zombiesinmyhead has a knack for headlines. If only the scenarios he requires were even remotely likely.

I want Mel Gibson to bury Pachter and Kotick in a rose garden.
Why you got to bring Mel into itMogs?

has anyone seen patcher and kotick in the same room? i'm starting to believe patcher is the alter-ego of kotick!
We've seen them in the same room shellster2, although they never blinked at the same time.

Bumbums... A girl I went to school with ages ago used to say "You can stick it up your bumbums" if you ever wound her up.

Okey doke.
We should say MPH was actually responding to another comment. It's not weird.

I like bumbums. Its unlikely that I'll ever use it outside this thread, but its not without its charms.
Yeah that is a bit weird though zombiesinmyhead.

We'd also like to mention jimsondanet who did his own mini- comments of the week Pachter special within the story. Since it isn't official, however, we will not post it here and jimsondanet will be receiving a stern letter.

Apple calls emergency iPhone 4 conference

Hope nobody who is right handed has to conference call in on one, that might be embarrassing.
Oooohhh! topical lonewolf2002.

"headquarters in Cupertino, California"...this is the greatest place name ever; "Cuppa tea? No!" Ah lifes simple pleasures
Not as great as 'Boobland' DAEDALUS79, which we can confirm does not exist.

Free bumpers for all????
Left handed amputation?

Actually iucidium, Apple's just going to take the phones back full stop, because we spoiled it.

Tim Schafer: 'I need to keep my mouth shut'

Frankly, his quote on Bobby K means I am now obliged to buy his next game, end of
Nick33 has a strange purchasing policy.

Rare: Kinect removes 'scariness' of controllers

I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid my DS3 will suffocate me wth a pillow.
One of our Wii-motes gave us a bit of lip yesterday so Focker420's fear is very real.

I am scared of my remote. They should introduce a TV where you have to get up and press the buttons yourself again.

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