Kinect 'feels very fresh', says Braben

Naysayers have made too much of lag, says Kinectimals creator

Elite creator and Frontier founder David Braben has come to the defence of Kinect against those claiming it is hampered by latency issues - telling CVG that the device enables "very fresh" experiences.

Responding to CVG's opinion 'Kinect: Lag? What lag?', Braben agreed that the games media had made too much of perceived latency issues surrounding the device.

Frontier has created Kinectimals for the camera-based peripheral - a family-friendly big cat simulator, which has been dubbed 'Kinect's Nintendogs'.

"I agree that the lag factor has been overplayed," he told CVG. "As I think you hint at in your piece, what Kinect enables feels very fresh too.

"There has been a tendency in our business to knock most new technologies - apart from better graphics perhaps. This is no different."

Early videos of Kinect showed very noticeable latency between the actions of the player and what appeared on the screen in front of them - most notoriously when Jonathan Ross tested the device in February.

However, Microsoft promised that this lag would be greatly reduced by the time the device launches in November.