Kinect is cheapest motion control, says MS chart

See how internal Microsoft docs weigh up the cost of motion control gaming

A supposed internal-only chart leaked from Microsoft weighs up the cost of motion control gaming on the three consoles and comes up with an unsurprising conclusion; Kinect is the cheapest, of course.

One chart, for the 'new owner' compiles the prices of the games console and the cost of getting the Kinect-equivalent two-player experience out of PS3 and Wii. It determines that the $300 360 Kinect bundle is the cheapest, with PS3 hitting $510 and Wii at $360. Cheekily, MS sees the $100 Wii Balance Board as a part of the equivalent package on Wii.

A separate chart totals the costs for those who already own the consoles and again Kinect, costing $150 (£129.99 over here) standalone, somehow comes out cheapest. The cost of PS3's Eye camera, two Move controllers and two Nunchuk-like Navigation controllers comes out at $210. Wii's gear, not forgetting that Balance board, topped up to $160.


Of course, the fact that you don't NEED the Navigation controllers to get started doesn't count, nor the fact that Wii's balance board isn't necessary. It's also not at all worth mentioning that you can be up and running on those other consoles with a single-player experience at first, and purchase separate controllers for multiplayer in incremental, manageable installments.

So what's all this "too expensive" talk all about?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]