StarCraft 2 gets inflated RRP from Activision Blizzard

£45 cost reminiscent of Modern Warfare 2 price hike

Activision Blizzard appears to be up to its old price-hiking tricks again - this time with a £45 Suggested Retail Price for StarCraft II.

The publisher won notoriety amongst gamers last year for slapping a £55 SRP on Modern Warfare 2 - something it's likely to repeat with Call Of Duty Black Ops in November.

However, pricing on StarCraft II - which launched on PC in the UK at midnight last night - also appears to have been inflated above the norm by the publisher.

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UK retailers including GAME, Amazon, and more are listing the standard edition of the game with a £44.99 RRP - whilst others such as list a £39.99 top price.

Like Modern Warfare 2 last year, this is £5 - £10 higher than the SRP of almost every other comparable major new release.

Luckily, many outlets - including GAME, HMV, Amazon, and - have shaved a tenner off the price.

Those who splash out for the digital download from, however, have to pay the full £44.99.

The move is likely to have irked retailers - who have to slash prices in order to stay competitive. UK outlets said that last year's Modern Warfare 2 price risked leaving consumers feeling "conned".

In an interview with CVG last week, THQ global publishing boss Ian Curran defended Activision's inflated pricing.

"The economy's difficult right now - we all know that - but people have to look at the quality you get [with a game]," he said. "If you look at Call Of Duty, the quality of the product you get there is outstanding. And they keep raising the bar - and it's a bar that everybody wants to see pushed up.

"That costs a lot of money. CVG's readers are hardcore gamers, they want the best products coming to market. That costs money and Activision and all of us have to recoup because we want to invest in making even better quality products in future."

Activision Blizzard has also released a bursting-at-the-seams Collector's Edition of StarCraft 2 for around £69.99. You can check out our unboxing video of that here.

CVG has contacted both Blizzard and UK retailers for comment.