3DS tag mode named CrossPass?

Nintendo trademarks drop hints

The new always-on tag mode in the 3DS will be called CrossPass, if a bunch of recent Nintendo trademarks are anything to go by.

The platform holder has dropped trademarks for CrossPass, CrossPass Mode, CrossPass Network, and CrossPass Connection, all of which sound a lot like the official name for the new handheld's innovative data-swapping ability.

Nintendo revealed at E3 that the 3DS will be able to automatically swap data between units as owners pass each other on the street, or grab content from public WiFi spots as they pass through them without the need to be running any game in particular (as is necessary on the current DS). This will allow even users with no internet at home to snag new content, high scores and whatever else devs can dream up, for all of their games at once.

Nintendo also trademarked 3D Paddleball, 3D Challenge, 3D Hopper and Target Shooting, which sound like tech demos, some that sound names for demos we saw at E3.

Get ready for '3D' to be the new Nintendo game title trend, following in the footsteps of 'Super', '64' and 'DS'.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]