StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 'as epic as Wings of Liberty'

Blizzard promises more greatness from the Zerg expansion

After yesterday's Blizzard bonanza - when every other story seemed to be about StarCraft II and Monday night's release - you're probably thoroughly tucking in to Jim Raynor's adventures in Wings of Liberty.

Yet like a Great White we're always looking ahead on CVG and during our recent chat with Blizzard's StarCraft II team when they revealed the company are platform agnostic (to our polite but enduring scepticism), we couldn't help but angle for more info on the next StarCraft II episode, Heart of the Swarm.

Understandably Lead Software Engineer Carl Chimes was perhaps not in the most of expansive of moods saying "We're still in the development process on that and we haven't even come close to announcing anything yet. Tonight we're just focussing on Wings of Liberty."

But like a dog returning to lick up its own vomit, we couldn't let it lie and pressed a little harder, Chimes did confirm that, "The next one will be Zerg-focussed and it will be just as epic as Wings of Liberty.'

Small crumbs to feed off perhaps, but fed we have, nevertheless. What little we do know about Heart of the Swarm is that it will probably focus on Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades and how she increases her personal power through mutation as she attempts to build, develop and control the fledgling Zerg empire.

But it did get us thinking, now you've had a chance to sample the human campaign in Wings of Liberty, what do you want from Heart of the Swarm?

What would you like to see from this Zerg-focussed episode? What other units, characters, themes and story lines would you like to see Blizzard explore? Tell us all about it in the comments field below...