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Operation FlashPoint: Red River is 'tighter, more focused' than Dragon Rising

OXM gives CVG the inside track on Codemasters' new FPS

A World First preview of Operation Flashpoint: Red River is contained in the pages of the all-new Official Xbox Magazine - and the publication is impressed with what it's seen.

The title's name was outed yesterday by CVG - but very few further details are known, save an approximate 2011 release date.

However, OXM - which is with some subscribers today and in stores next week in the UK - has seen the game, and believes it's a "tighter", "more focused" games than predecessor Dragon Rising.

"Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was tremendously ambitious, but struggled to deliver," OXM editor Jon Hicks told CVG.

"So we were pleased to see that the sequel is a tighter, more focused game that's nevertheless still striving for a more realistic recreation of warfare."

Dragon Rising got a decent critical reception on its release back in October, 2009 - but some of you had issues with it.

It won the admiration of PC Zone and went Top Five in the UK Chart.