Kinect pre-orders will be 'biggest to date'

Retailers claim booming interest in MS motion control

A big increase in Kinect pre-orders is exciting retailers up and down the country, with some saying that Microsoft's motion sensor will provide shops with their "biggest pre-orders to date".

The Hut Group's head of business development Sarah Jasper told MCV, "Based on our orders thus far, customers are clearly excited by this offering and price - and quite rightly so.

"The feedback we've had so far from our customers is that they feel the price is appropriate to the product," Grainger Games' sales director Phil Moore.

"We have taken a large number of deposits for Kinect already and it is set to become our biggest pre-order to date. This tells us the device's appeal has not been affected by the price point."

That price point in the UK is £129.99, which up until now has received a mixed reaction from industry voices.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter said that Kinect's price will put off the hardcore market and that we can expect future cuts, where as GAME has said that Kinect is "great value".

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