BioShock dev's latest set for reveal

Irrational's latest trailer to be showcased next week, it confirms

Ken Levine's Irrational Games - creator of BioShock - is set to reveal its much-anticipated new game, 'Project Icarus', next Thursday, August 12.

That's what the developer's announced in its latest, bonkers Irrational Behaviour podcast, in which Irrational's Shawn Elliot said:

"Next week we'll begin breaking that long silence and start speaking out. On August 12 we'll show you a trailer and tell you about our title. We'll explore that trailer's secrets in another longer episode of Irrational Behaviour.

"And finally you'll learn about a live demo that we're showing to press before you see it yourselves. This announcement means a lot to us."

Last week the BioShock house launched and pretty much no clues what-so-ever.

The developer called on fans to send in their best guesses for what it could be working on, which ranged from SWAT 5, to System Shock 3 and erm, Duke Nukem Forever.

We're pumped. Stay tuned for an Irrational blowout as the month continues...

[ SOURCE: Irrational Games ]