Move on track to outsell Kinect - Report

High price and uninteresting software is hurting Kinect, claims survey

A new survey has claimed that the general public is currently more interested in purchasing PlayStation Move than Kinect.

The survey, conducted by, made use of a total of over 2,000 British gamers and found that just 23% of Xbox 360 owners currently intend to buy Kinect, with 77% suggesting that the £129.99 price-tag is too expensive to warrant a purchase.

The survey also claims that the initial software lineup for Kinect isn't proving to be very popular. 19% of 360 owners said that they were interested in the games, which include Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joyride.

64% of PlayStation 3 owners said that they intend to buy the Move controller, which is standalone £35.

According to Groupola, the price is a hurdle that many customers can't overcome.

"I genuinely believe that the main issue with the Kinect is that it's been too highly priced," piped up MD, Mark Pearson.

"The cost may be its downfall, and unless the system launches to huge consumer acclaim, I think they'll be dropping that price dramatically when the Move launches in order to compete," he said.

Retailers have claimed that Kinect pre-orders will be the biggest to date. However if this survey is any indication, the strategy to "tempt people with familiarity" seems to be backfiring.