Taliban soldiers playable in Medal of Honor, DICE responds

Controversial decision 'doesn't provoke too hard'

In a move that will no doubt provoke headlines from certain newspapers that are mailed daily, EA's Medal of Honor team has included content which sees gamers play as the Taliban.

When PSM3 asked whether it's fair to say that gamers will feel uneasy playing as Taliban soldiers, the game's producer Patrick Liu thought it could:

"I think it is a fair point. We do stir up some feelings, although it's not about the war, it's about the soldiers," he said.


The content in question, however, doesn't sound like it will cause too much uproar, at least in Liu's mind:

"We can't get away from what the setting is and who the factions are but, in the end, it's a game, so we're not pushing or provoking too hard."

EA said earlier this month that it doesn't expect Medal of Honor to top Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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