Alan Wake is a 'bit of a d*ck' - Remedy

Don't expect to see him on PC any time soon

Remedy has labelled its own titular video game hero Alan Wake "a bit of a dick" - but claimed he's at least "more interesting" than most characters you'll see on console.

And in bad news for PC gamers, the studio has claimed that it has no plans to make the title anything other than an Xbox exclusive.

"Alan Wake is certainly a bit of a dick, every once in a while - not necessarily even every once and a while," Remedy's Mikko Rautalahti told Eurogamer.

"Clearly he's a conflicted guy. He has a lot of problems. A lot of those problems are the type most people aren't going to encounter in real life... but he has marital problems. He probably drinks a little too much. He had troubles with his work. Those are the kind of things that make people hard to live with every once in a while."

He added: "These things make him a lot more interesting than other game characters. This is a guy who has troubles you can identify with as opposed to the kind of problems a space marine has. That's something that makes him interesting. And we certainly want Alan Wake to be an interesting guy."

However, it seems he won't be an interesting guy on PC, with Remedy claiming a port isn't "on the cards".

Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen said the firm's team was too small to move the game over to PC - as it strives to get The Writer DLC ready for release later this year.

"[A PC port is] not something you can do in a month or two months," he said. "It takes time to do it right.

"We want the Remedy brand to be a seal of quality. Doing a half-assed PC version wouldn't be an option for us. Rather, if we do it, we'll do it properly."

Alan Wake DLC The Signal was released on Xbox Live last week.

The Writer DLC is due to hit the service in the autumn.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]