Xbox slim disc open sound: Ringtone anyone?

Major Nelson "likes to share audio", apparently

We're all gaming nerds. And we're not afraid to broadcast that fact, but when we think of ringtones we tend to think of Mario theme tunes, Metal Gear Solid call sounds and Zelda "GET" chimes.

But MS mouthpiece Major 'Larry Hryb' Nelson's taking things to a whole new level of geeky. He's upgraded from cheesy gaming jingles to actual hardware sounds. Like the bleeps that come from the Xbox 360 slim when you power it on or open the disc tray.

No, seriously. He's got .MP3 and .M4R formats of both sounds (through the link), the latter being the format the iPhone uses for its ringtones. So there's no excuse for your phone not to sound exactly like a new Xbox spitting out a disc every time you get a text message after today.

Indeed, if it doesn't, you're not a real Xbox fan.

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]