Ace Combat Assault Horizon coming 2011

Wave of "vicious" aerial combat screenshots arrives

Namco's officially announced Ace Combat Assault Horizon and set a very wide release window of 2011.

The game's described as "a complete rebirth, a phoenix from the ashes flying at three times the speed of sound," with the Project Aces team is building Ace Combat Assault Horizon from the ground up.

We've also been sent a massive load of screenshots, which show all kinds of sky based carnage.

"For us, this is a rebirth of the Ace Combat series, and a chance for us to take the series in a completely new direction," said Kazutoki Kono, producer at Project Aces.


"We're confident that we're going to create a new kind of action shooting (high-speed and destruction) experience with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, and we're pouring passion, vision and skill into making a game like no other. We want to bring players closer than ever to the action so they feel the energy surge through them with every shot fired."

Namco Bandai lifted the lid on Ace Combat Assault Horizon yesterday but haven't offered much else by way of information until now.

Check out the new screenshots below. The game's hitting PS3 and 360 next year.