Modern Warfare 2 bug gives free XBLA games

Glitch makes demos think they're full games

The recently released downloadable demo of Modern Warfare 2 brings with it a nice and somewhat naughty surprise - namely free SNK XBLA games.

The glitch, which affects both the Modern Warfare 2 demo and full game, makes trial versions of XBLA games 'think' they are authorized to run as full versions.


The glitch triggers when you launch Modern Warfare 2 and select an XBLA SNK demo from the 360 "Quick Launch" menu, but it only seems to work with the combination of Modern Warfare 2 and the SNK developed XBLA games.

The Modern Warfare 2 single-player demo has been available since last Wednesday, a year after the game's release curiously.

[ SOURCE: Worth Playing ]