Uncharted 3 could be in 3D

Naughty Dog would embrace tech to benefit story

Uncharted 3 could raise the visual standard even further by embracing 3D - but narrative comes first, according to Naughty Dog.

When asked about 3D by PlayStation University Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer expressed interest and said that the studio was in the perfect position to take advantage of the Sony backed tech. Whether Uncharted 3 is in 3D or not, however, depends on the game's story:

"3D is an interesting technology, especially given how well it's been recently implemented in the cinema and all the support it's getting in the industry," he said.


"We're extremely fortunate to have the PS3 be a platform that can provide us with the power and option to implement 3D in future projects."

"What we may do with this technology depends on how it fits into the story we want to do, so we haven't made any decisions at this time," he continued.

"Generally speaking, it is an exciting technology to see come to fruition in the home, as it opens a variety of ways developers can innovate with their narrative and with their games."

The same can be said for motion control, Meyer said Move will only be utilised in Uncharted 3 if it 'fits into the story'.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation University ]