Age of Empires dev is 'happier' after closure - MS

Robot has more "flexibility" than Ensemble, says MGS man

Age of Empires Online developer, Robot entertainment is a "happier" company than Microsoft-owned Ensemble was before its closure last year.

That's according to Microsoft Games Studios GM, Dave Luehmann who told CVG at Gamescom that Robot - formed by ex-Ensemble employees and developer of Halo Wars' DLC - has more "flexibility" as an independent developer.

"I think so, yeah," he said, when asked if Robot was a happier company than Ensemble.

"[Our arrangement] adds a bit of flexibility for both sides. We can work together if that's what we want to do and if we don't want to work together that's fine as well.

"Certainly from our standpoint it's been a great partnership," he said.

In the same interview Luehmann estimated that around 75% of Age of Empires Online's developers worked on the series before.

"It's the core team that you can feel comfortable with and who are well skilled with Age [of Empires]," he said.

Age of Empires Online was announced earlier this week.