Xbox 360 S 4GB: Where's cheapest?

Price round-up inside

The Xbox 360 S 4GB is available from retailers now and we've had nipped around the internet to round up a few prices to give you an idea of costs.

In case you haven't guessed yet, the 360 S 4GB has the same sleeker design as the original Xbox 360 S but with a 4GB HDD (gasp!) and a healthier price.

The consensus amongst retailers is around the £150 mark with GAME, Gamestation and Play all selling the console at £149.99.

Tesco and managed to shed a few pounds offering the 4GB for £145 and £144.85 respectively.


Amazon and Argos make a good effort - both of them are offering the Xbox 360 S for £139.99 - but the winner by a slither is The Hut, which undercuts with a cheeky £139.93.

So there are a few prices to email to your financial planner. Of course, as soon as you start adding bundles, auctions and maybe a bit of begging prices scatter all over the place.

If you see a bargain let your fellow CVG crew know in the comments.