Kinect beta begins, new dashboard screens leaked

New dashboard update shown in leaked shots from Kinect beta testers

Lucky Kinect beta testers with no regard whatsoever for Microsoft's non-disclosure agreement have gone ahead and leaked a bunch of shots of the new dashboard.

The major dashboard update is set to release alongside the motion-sensing camera bar in November and, as well as adding compatibility with the device, will also give the menus a little clean-up and the avatars a new more realistic edge.

In these shots (sent to Joystiq) you can clearly see a new avatar editing screen, and the new flatter menu panels.

Beta testers, who got their invited via email a couple of weeks ago, will apparently be let lose on Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Kinect Joy Ride during the beta test period, so expect leaked shots and maybe even videos of those in action soon, too.

Naughty, naughty testers (thanks!).

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]