Marvel vs Capcom 3: Know your fighters

Familiarise yourself with the characters that decide the Fate of Two Worlds

Around eight months from release and Marvel vs Capcom 3's roster has already hit 16.

It's a number that'll more than double before the game ships, and that's important, because you'll have to master at least three of them to be as competitive as you are in Street Fighter with just one.

Here, Xbox World 360 provides your chance to read up on the combatants and pick your perfect squad:

First Appearance: Devil May Cry, Oct 2001: Pretty-boy fangirl-bait Dante is the most handsome man in videogames and drove thousands of quiet, slightly nerdy girls wild by spending most of DMC3 with his shirt off. One of the easiest new characters to handle.


First Appearance: Street Fighter II, March 1991: The strongest woman in the world has been a Street Fighter mainstay since Street Fighter II, appearing in almost every main game and even the despised-but-fun 3D EX games. Her thighs are thicker than her waist.

First Appearance: Okami, April 2006: The four-legged embodiment of the Japanese Sun God, Amaterasu was Hideki Kamiya's last creation before leaving Capcom and making Bayonetta. Okami sold fewer copies than Xbox World's 2008 Christmas Hits album but is a favourite of proper gamers everywhere.

First Appearance: Darkstalkers, July 1994: Catgirl Felicia wears less clothes to fight than most people wear to swim. While Darkstalkers characters like Dimitri and Anakaris have been forgotten, Felicia and Morrigan have survived thanks to the winning combination of nudity and violence.

First Appearance: Darkstalkers, July 1994: Dimitri was framed as Darkstalkers' Ryu, but saucy succubus Morrigan Aensland became the series' most famous character. Her original sprite is the most overused piece of art in videogame history, appearing unchanged in multiple Vs games.

First Appearance: Devil May Cry, Oct 2001: Demonic sexpot Trish is among MVC3's most advance characters. Her outfit is what happens when you lock a Japanese artist in a basement for ten years with only a box of pencils and a notepad for company.


First Appearance: Street Fighter, August 1987: Wandering Japanese warrior Ryu walks the Earth looking for his next challenge like Caine from Kung Fu. Ryu has appeared in every version of Street Fighter bar one - the beta test of Street Fighter III.

First Appearance: Resident Evil, March 1996: Formerly of the STARS Alpha Team 'roid ragin' beefcake Chris Redfield is the reason The Punisher won't be in the game - they'd be too similar, says producer Ryota Niitsuma.

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1,
May 1962
: Exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation, Bruce Banner is painfully transformed into around 5,000lbs of unstoppable green muscle. A long-time Marvel vs Capcom regular, you wouldn't like him when he's angry. Or when he's got the shits.

First Appearance: New Mutants #98, Feb 1991: Inexplicably popular star of a dozen cancelled comics, the kids love Deadpool - he makes jokes, shoots people, wears a mask, and might just be the only good thing ever to come from the pen of Rob Liefeld.

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