GT5's car damage screens disappoint

Twisted up cars look more like Play-Doh

This editor admits to being a long-standing fan of the Gran Turismo series and am out-of-my-brain pumped about GT5's release this November. And I find the below shots of the game's car damage model a tad disappointing.

Polyphony seems to have told its polygons to bend all over the place with complete disregard for the way actual metal dents, and the differences between metal panels and plastic bumpers, which tend to bend or crack completely.

There's also no effect on the game's textures, so cars are all bashed up but the paintwork remains flawless.


The result? Look at that shot of the mangled Ferrari 458 Italia. It looks like it's made of Play-Doh, or has been left out in the sun too long and is melting. And check the video below of the same car; 30 seconds in the camera switches to the above-car view to reveal a polygonal mess.

Not impressed. The game will still be awesome, and it's good to at least have SOME damage in the series at last, but games like Burnout Paradise raised the bar - a bar we thought Polyphony would reach effortlessly.

Let compare, eh? Burnout Paradise, glass shatters, plastic and glass shards scatter, paint is ruined and cars realistically buckle:

[ SOURCE: GTPlanet ]