Uncharted work underway, says Elena VO

Elena actress has been working on the Naughty Dog series

Work on Uncharted 3 must be well underway, then. Emily Rose, the actress who plays Elena in the epic PS3 series has revealed she's been working on it today.

A recent Twitter post from the actress reads: "Landed in LALA land yesterday and already the schedule is a buzz.... filming my first Night show today 4 #HAVEN then work on #UNCHARTED!"

So, no specific mention of Uncharted 3, but it barely needs to be spelled out. The first game made was a huge success, Naughty Dog's already said it's well up for making another one and was already "looking at ways to reveal more about our game universe and the characters that live within it", and even Nathan Drake actor Nolan North says it's "common sense" for Sony to do it.

If you're not already crossing every limb on your body for a late 2011 release, do that now. Please.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]