Ace Attorney Investigations 2 screenshots released

Capcom lifts the lid on Miles Edgeworth sequel

Following on from yesterday's leak, Capcom has officially announced Ace Attorney 2, unveiling the very first screenshots and teasing fans with a few details.

Miles Edgeworth will return as the main character for the second time, although he had previously appeared in Ace Attorney games alongside Phoenix Wright.

Fans of the series will recognise Ace Attorney veteran Detective Dick Gumshoe from the new screenshots and they'll also spot Kay Faraday, the great thief from the first game, who will also be returning to assist Edgeworth.


As ever, it will be your task to collect evidence and question witnesses as you attempt to find the culprit in a series of legal cases, one of which will see Edgeworth returning to Gourd Lake, a location which the attorney visited in the first game when he found himself involved in a murder plot.

If it all sounds fairly familiar so far, Capcom is promising some new gameplay gimmicks to keep players interested.