GTA Chinatown Wars HD on iPad now

Spruced-up urban mayhem costs $9.99

GTA: Chinatown Wars has just seen its forth format release today, as the traditional-style top-down GTA title hits iPad in enhanced HD.

Chinatown Wars HD packs over 50 main story missions, enough side-quests to keep you away from said story for hours, and a new Independence FM feature which lets you customise the game's soundtrack with your own music. And we can vouch for the touch-screen controls too - they actually work pretty well.

The game originally released on DS, taking the GTA series back to its top-down roots with gameplay similar to the PlayStation 1 originals. It later saw re-releases on PSP and iPhone.

As one of the most hardcore games on the App Store, you should stick this at the top of your wish list. Check the screenshots on the App Store.